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Having vast experience of more than 3 decades, Mesh Tech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a specialist in supplying screening and conveying solutions for quarries, mining /minerals industry and processing and packaging industry respectively. We are one of the leading company’s in India who manufactures and installs (screening and conveyor media) woven wire meshes (wire cloths) pan-India. Whether, the screening systems are of woven wire mesh, rubber or polyurethane, we cater to all the types of solutions. Our products guaranty to improve screening efficiency and thereby enhancing the productivity and reducing the total cost of screening. We offer screens and woven wire meshes of any size and of any diameter wire or rod especially for rugged operating conditions like scalping, sizing, or processing heavy abrasive materials such as ores, crushed stones, sand, gravel, metallic and non-metallic minerals, coal slag, etc. We

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